BWB Flex

BWB Flex operates in compliance with the NBBU temporary workers collective labour agreement and utilises a clear and transparent working method. We place great importance on building a strong, personal relationship with our staff. BWB Flex is mainly active in the installation, building, metal and painting sectors.

Working for BWB Flex is widely regarded as an enjoyable experience offering many possibilities for personal initiative and development. Clearly stating your wishes and expectations in an interview will get you the coaching you want and enables BWB Flex to find the job that’s just right for you.

Should your qualifications and interests not match any of the vacancies on hand, BWB Flex will actively search for a suitable job. Our extensive experience in and knowledge of the market offers us a wide variety of options. The projects are both short and long term. Immediately after an assignment ends, BWB Flex gets to work to find you a new one. When additional qualifications are required, BWB Flex will offer you various training options.


In addition to recruitment and selection, BWB Flex offers its workers additional coaching. Dutch laws and regulations and the NBBU collective labour agreement include many rules that most people are not familiar with:

  • What are your rights and obligations?
  • What responsibilities do you have?

BWB Flex offers assistance with all questions you may have, either during, before or after your period of deployment. It is important for you to ask any questions you may have so any confusion can be cleared up. BWB Flex staff speak both German and English. BWB Flex will regularly be in touch during your deployment, either by phone or through a visit to the project or accommodation. You are, of course, always welcome at the office. BWB Flex staff communicates in English, Dutch, German, Polish, Romanian, Portugese, Spanish and Russian.


BWB Flex provides housing for the temporary workers in case of need. The types of provisional housing could vary between guest houses, pensions, bed & breakfasts or chalets/bungalows in vacation parks. Between the provided accommodation and the project location the maximum distance is 35KM.

BWB Flex handles housing responsibly which means that the provided locations meet all the requirements of the SNF certification. We know that a good night’s sleep is paramount to the safe and optimal execution of your work.


BWB Flex’s workers arrange their own transportation to the Netherlands and commute from their accommodation to the project. BWB Flex pays a travel expense allowance to its temporary workers.


BWB Flex holds VCU certification and is therefore entitled to deploy and second staff at companies holding a VCA certificate. These certificates guarantee that both BWB Flex and its clients exercise the greatest care regarding safety and health at the project. If you do not have a VCA diploma, BWB Flex offers a training course entirely free of charge. When specialist knowledge is required, BWB Flex will also offer these training courses. Exams will be taken in Dutch, German, English, Romanian or Polish.

Tools and personal protective equipment

As a professional, you need to have your own tools, working clothes and safety footwear. BWB Flex can provide any additional personal protective equipment should this be necessary.


De NBBU-CAO kent een fasensysteem, dat bestaat uit vier verschillende fasen. Elke fase geeft aan welke rechten je hebt als uitzendkracht. Hoe langer je voor een uitzendbureau werkt, hoe meer
rechten je opbouwt.

Fase 1 geldt gedurende de eerste 26 gewerkte weken. Voor de telling van de weken maakt het niet uit hoeveel uren in de week je werkt. In fase 1 geldt het uitzendbeding: als je niet werkt, ontvang je geen loon.

Daarna ga je door naar fase 2. Deze duurt 52 weken. Ook in fase 2 is het uitzendbeding van toepassing.

In fase 3 ga je een uitzendovereenkomst aan voor bepaalde tijd: dit is een contract met een begin- en einddatum. Deze fase telt maximaal 4 jaar. Je kunt in deze periode maximaal 6 contracten aangaan voor bepaalde tijd, waarin je recht hebt op loondoorbetaling. Dit houdt in dat jouw loon wordt doorbetaald bij o.a. feestdagen en bij het wegvallen van werk.

In fase 4 ga je een uitzendovereenkomst aan voor onbepaalde tijd. Dit is een ‘vast contract’ zonder einddatum. Ook in deze fase heb je recht op loondoorbetaling.

Onderbreking en terugval

Ga je na een onderbreking van meer dan 6 maanden weer werken via het uitzendbureau? Dan begint de telling opnieuw vanaf het begin van fase 1.

Pension accumulation

Pension accumulation starts after 26 weeks of work for BWB Flex. There is no pension accumulation up until that moment. Phase 2 includes a basic and a ‘plus’ pension scheme. The basic pension scheme applies from week 27 until week 78; the plus scheme comes into effect from week 79. Under the basic pension scheme only BWB Flex pays pension premiums, under the plus scheme both BWB Flex and the employee pay pension premiums to StiPP, the Pension Fund for Personnel Services (Stichting Pensioenfonds voor Personeelsdiensten)