NBBU is the sector organisation for temporary job agencies. It was founded in 1994 and represents the interests of more than 800 agencies and their temporary workers. The Collective Labour Agreement for Temporary Workers states the rules and regulations all NBBU members must comply with. BWB Flex undergoes an annual audit by an independent institution to verify proper compliance. A positive outcome is a condition for continued NBBU membership.

Stichting Normering Arbeid

The SNA hallmark makes hiring temporary labour and subcontracting a lot easier and safer for the client, simply because he enjoys better protection against fraud. The SNA hallmark is partly based on the NEN 4400-1 norm, which lays down financial and administrative criteria for bona fide temporary job agencies like BWB Flex. BWB Flex undergoes an annual audit by an independent institution for compliance with SNA rules. A positive results is a requirement for NBBU membership.


BWB Flex deploys personnel to VCA-certified businesses which means that additional emphasis is placed on safety, health and enviromental issues. The VCU-certificate is proof that our safety and health management system is up to date.

Working on a building site sometimes brings added risks. Most of the staff deployed by BWB Flex holds a VCA certification. Those who do not, will be offered study materials and examanination planning.  Our agency undergoes an annual inspection by an independent institution for proper implementation of the VCU.

Stichting Normering Flexwonen

The Foundation for flexible housing standards or SNF administrates the register of housing locations that meet the standards for accommodating migrant workers and at the same time maintains that standard.

Companies that offer housing to migrant workers have the option of obtaining the SNF certificate. In order to do so, they must meet the housing standards for migrant workers. Housing locations of agencies that register with the foundation are subjected to an annual audit. The objective is to provide parties dealing with the housing of migrant workers – municipalities, employers, employees, local residents – with the security that the housing of migrant workers is adequate.

Stichting Fonds Uitzendbranche

The SFU was created on 1 January 2007 by the parties to the sector’s collective labour agreement (CAO) negotiations. The foundation funds projects in the temporary employment sector related to three themes: training, labour conditions and collective labour agreement compliance. A separate foundation was created for each theme:

  • STOOF (the training fund for the temporary employment sector)
  • STAF (the fund that focuses on labour conditions)
  • SNCU (the fund that ensures collective labour agreement compliance)

BWB Flex is a registered member of the SFU, for which it pays an annual premium.


BWB Flex is a member of the StiPP pension fund. Its pension scheme is two-fold: a basic scheme and a ‘plus’ scheme. Every worker who meets the requirements accumulates a pension and can retire at the legal retirement age. The worker receives a state pension (AOW). In most cases they will also receive life-long monthly pension benefits from StiPP. BWB Flex pays the monthly pension premiums to StiPP and sends an annual pension statement to its employees.