How do I register myself at BWB Flex?

You can register directly via this site. You can also register by phone, e-mail, fax or at the office.

What documents do I need to register?

Finding a job that matches your skills, experience and wishes requires information. To complete your registration BWB Flex needs the following information and documents:
• Contact information
• Position you are applying for
• CV complete with certificates

How do I commute from my accommodation to work?

As a rule you provide your own transportation. Quite often you will be able to carpool with a colleague.

How much can I earn at BWB Flex?

That depends on your age, experience, your job and the number of hours you work per week.

When will I get a contract?

You get a contract immediately you start working for BWB Flex. The specific type of contract you get will be discussed ahead of your deployment. Your contract is drawn up on the basis of the NBBU collective labour agreement for temporary workers. More information on the subject can be found under Phased System.

Where can I find vacancies and how do I respond?

Go to the website and click on the vacancies button. There you will find all BWB Flex vacancies. Clicking on a specific vacancy will tell you what specific knowledge and skills it requires. You can either call us or react on-line.

Why BWB Flex?

BWB Flex creates the perfect match between client and personnel. In order to foster a long-term relationship, BWB Flex keeps a close eye on the interests of both parties. BWB Flex is a member of sector organisation NBBU and holds NEN 4400-1, VCU and CFH certification. These are quality hallmarks which indicate that you work for a reliable temporary job agency.

Which collective labour agreement applies?

BWB Flex is a member of the NBBU. The collective labour agreement can also be downloaded from this website in either Dutch, German or English. The rights and obligations of both parties are listed in the collective labour agreement.

How and when do I get paid?

Salaries are paid to your bank on a four-weekly basis. If necessary, an advance can be paid out in cash.

Period 1 week 05
Period 2 week 09
Period 3 week 13
Period 4 week 17
Period 5 week 21
Period 6 week 25
Period 7 week 29
Period 8 week 33
Period 9 week 37
Period 10 week 41
Period 11 week 45
Period 12 week 49
Period 13 week 52

What is a levy rebate?

A levy rebate is a credit against income tax and premiums due, which results in a higher net income. Depending on your personal situation, you may be entitled to one or more levy rebates. However, these levy rebates can only be applied to payments made by one employer or benefits agency. On your income tax return you must indicate if you want BWB Flex to apply the levy rebate.

When do I receive my annual statement?

The annual statements of the previous year will be available in early February. You will need your annual statement to fill out your tax return or request a tax refund. Whether you file your tax return in the Netherlands or in your country of residence is up to you.

What do I do when I’m sick?

Sickness must be reported to BWB Flex before 09:30 on the first day of sickness. You are required to tell us where you will be staying and on what number you can be reached. After consultation with BWB Flex you either inform your contact at work or this will be done by our office. BWB Flex will need the original sickness notification, which need to be sent by post.

When do I receive my pay slips?

Pay slips are made up on a weekly basis and paid out once every four weeks. The pay slips are sent to you by post or email after payment is made. You can choose how you would like to receive your pay slips when you submit your registration.

I'm out of worked hours and/or travel explanation forms, how do I request new ones?

You can request new sheets via e-mail or telephone and it will be sent to your accommodation or brought to the construction site. You can also make a copy of a blank form before you fill in the last one, or download blank forms from the website. The work sheet must be signed by the client; it’s your responsibility to make sure the sheet and/or form is in BWB Flex’ possession by Monday afternoon at its latest. This can be sent by e-mail, post, fax or WhatsApp. Without a work sheet and/or travel expense form no (full) payment can be made.

How much holiday allowance and other benefits do I build up?

You will receive an eight-percent holiday allowance in addition to your gross salary. The exact amount is listed on your pay slip in the form of a reserved amount. You also build up a reserve per hour worked for short leaves of absence, public holidays, and holidays and vacations. These reservations can also be found on your pay slip. The holiday allowance is paid out in the last week of May. An interim payment of holiday allowance must be requested in writing.

When can I request a vacation day?

When you want to go on vacation or take a day off, you must discuss this with your employer and subsequently with BWB Flex, so it can be included in the roster.

How many vacation days do I have the right to?

Days off are built up on the basis of hours worked. A certain percentage (amount) of your gross salary is set aside for each hour worked. Working 40 hours a week for a full year entitles you to 24 days off. If you work fewer hours, you are entitled to a proportionally lower number of days off.

When do I start building up pension?

Anyone who is over 21 years old and has worked for BWB Flex for 26 weeks or longer automatically participates in the pension scheme which forms part of the NBBU collective labour agreement. Your pension is insured with the StiPP pension fund. Each year, you will receive a statement listing the amount of pension accumulated up to that moment.